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Welcome! You are about to start an exciting, informative, and life changing journey. In our first course, you'll learn the fundamentals of How To Love Yourself - firstly and foremostly. 

How To Love Yourself: Audio Course + Guided Emotional Fitness Workbook

  • If you don’t love and put You first, you won’t be able to love anyone or do anything in a way that’s truly healthy.  But we’re not taught to do this. Instead, we are generally taught to treat others better than we treat ourselves. This course is here to make a rebuttal! It offers practical lessons and useful tips for why and how to start loving and accepting yourself...deeply and passionately. How to become more self-interested, and start putting yourself first. This is the abosulte key to creating your best relationships with others. It sounds counterintuitive...but it's true.


    Me, Myself, and I is chock full of solutions to many of the challenges you may face in becoming more self-loving. As part of the course, numerous proven techniques are provided for gaining increased confidence, improving your communication skills, developing healthier and more satisfying relationships, and even how to become more effective in your ability to take risks.


    As your course instructors, we have nearly 4 decades of combined experience working with real people in counselling therapy, life coaching, and personal development. We realized long ago that there are lots of products and courses out there that will tell you what to do to improve your life... but none that will tell you how to do it. We have bridged that gap between theory and practice in our courses. We bring you simple and effective tools which you can begin to apply to your life right away.




    • Feel stronger, more confident, motivated, and happier in life

    • Be less self-critical and more self-loving, and more self-accepting

    • Attract more (and better) people into your life

    • Set healthy limits and boundaries with other people

    • Create healthier, more satisfying relationships 

    • How to value yourself and boost positive self-regard

    • Make self-care a reflexive and natural habit

    • Stop being a "people pleaser" and needing/seeking approval from others

    • Feel more connected - to others and to your life!

    • Create a more positive outlook in life


    Who this course is for:


    • This course is for anyone looking to develop a more compassionate, accepting, and positive relationship with themselves, and to create healthy and fulfilling relationships with others
    • No special skills or prior knowledge is required - anyone can benefit
    • This course is a total of 1 hour and 10 minutes in duration, and is delivered as an audio-only file (MP3 format)
    • Note: This is a digital product. Once purchased, you will receive a link via email to download the audio mp3 file, which you can then listen to at your own convenience, your own pace, and on the device of your choosing


    Michelangelo once said that in a mound of clay the perfect statue already exists; he simply removed the clay that hides the masterpiece. Are you ready to discover the masterpiece that is YOU? Then let's get started!




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